We were all excited when Mom dished out our favorite food at dinner.


Does "dished out" in the above mean "sent out" or "gave out?" Thanks.
I would say served. 'Dish out' implies scooping something from one place to another, and it is often negative. [The candidates dished out insult upon insult to each other.]
I agree with Philip. Meaning 2 here is troubling in the context:
dish out
1 : to serve (food) from a dish : distribute in portions at table <she dished out the chowder>

2 a : GIVE, PROVIDE, RELEASE<dishing out important news releases> <those doctors who dish out opiates at the slightest provocation> b slang : to present in glib, effusive, or exuberant outpourings <that salesman could really dish it out> <you could dish out a memorized spiel -- W.L.Gresham>