Hello All,

I have probably already made 25 grammatical errors in this post but the point of it is to establish if there is a difference in the terms dislike and don't like.

The way I see it is;

If you don't like something you may hate it or you may be indifferent to it or anything in between, either way you simply don't actively like it.

If you dislike something you (to some degree) hate it.

Its almost as if 'dis' represents the opposite, in this case the opposite of 'like'.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this analogy.


I don't see any grammatical mistakes in your post (though I would like to give you a brief lesson in punctuation), but neither do I see any difference in meaning between don't like and dislike. If I had to unearth one, it would be that dislike is more formal, and a tad more effete.
Dear Anonymous,
I share the same sentiments as you regarding the don't like/dislike issue. but my friends think I'm dumb Emotion: sad

So thanks for proving them wrong.