Hi guys,

could you please help me with the understanding of what the dismissal means in the US law? I found a good looking definition here:


I have a problem with this part:

Dismissal in a criminal prosecution is a decision of a court, which has exercised its discretion prior to trial = ??? or before a verdict is reached, that terminates the proceedings against the defendant....

Please how do you understand that underlined part?

thanks a lot in advance.

The court has freedom to take certain actions if it feels it should.
eg If the defendant is kept in jail for five years before coming to trial, a court is likely to dismiss the charges because that is an unreasonable length of time to wait for a trial.

For details, click on the link in the article on dismissal that takes you to a description of criminal procedures.

Thanks a lot, Clive![Y]

It's clear to me now.