Hi, I need help...

1) An entity plans to dispose of a group of asset.
2) An entity plans to dispose off a group of asset.

Which sentence is correct? If both are correct, can I know if there are any differences in usage? Thanks in advance..
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Only the first version is correct. - A.
thx again Emotion: smile..
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Hmm, but how if i put it this way.. "I want to dispose this off" ? Is it correct?
Ahaa! I see what you're talking about.

We use the idiom "sell off my assets" but I've never heard "dispose off my assets." I think perhaps because you may sell a few at a time, but to dispose of, or to liquidate assets refers to the whole package.

Well, that's not true either. I guess I really don't know why we don't say it. We don't say "liquidate off my assets either." (I don't think)
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Please make sure that you make "assets" in the plural.
i had noticed the oxford dictionary once and there was the phrase 'dispose of'. But most of the people who don't care about grammar use 'off' instead of 'of'.
How about this:

Some people irresponsibly disposed off their garbage.

is this correct?
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