I would like to know the procedures I need to follow for distance learning.
Can anyone help?
To enter in the Distance education your minimum qualification should be SSC passout in all the univercities except OU university...and if you want to go for OU university you should have minum INTER as your basic qualification. Emotion: geeked
I am not agree with other people because distance learning is very diffucult.Maybe you will achieve your desires but it isn't easy for anybody.You must study harder than other studying but if you indeed want to learn something you have self-discipline a lot..To sum up,your goals about distance learning are hard but you mustn't give up them..
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The two types of technologies used in distance learning is the synchronous technology that requires the students in gaining access to their educational materials at the same time, and the asynchronous technology in which the students could access their educational materials on their respective schedules so they would not be together at the same time.
Though it is not that easy to learn the online programs but still good efforts are required to overcome this task also.
I was looking for reviews for Distance Learning Colleges this time last year and found them very hard to come by. When you are thinking of distance learning for the fist time it can be quite worrying when you cannot find any decent reviews. I started looking around at a few different distance learning providers as well as some local colleges. I felt a bit like a lot of the distance learning providers charged obscene amounts of money to send me some materials and not offer me much support. I came across the Distance Learning College and Training and spoke to a woman who put my mind at ease instantly and took me through a level of support that i hadn't come across before. I am nearly finished the course now and will be looking to complete the next level with Distance Learning College and Training. The tutors are there whenever you need them and they bend over backwards to relate specifics back to your work place which for me was a huge help. If anyone is looking into distance learning i would suggest the distance learning college and training. From some of the reviews i have read on here i think i made the right choice.
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