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1. So... I would like to distinct similar words like 'smart', 'clever' and 'intelligent'. It is a particular example which I saw on youtube in the video of Marianne. Moreover I would like to get to know these words and - for me - that is even a problem to explore these ones. Is there any manner for it (e.g. a collection with these words)? Plz., help me. because it is very hard to analyze every words one by one like in the mentioned case.

2. 'I would like to strengthen my skills on the topic of programming'. Is it correct If I use the word 'strengthen' to emphasize that I would like to reach such a level on this topic (programming) which is eternal for me nobody can take it away from me? Plz., help me

3. If I'm here I ask you to correct my grammatical mistakes in the first and second issue points.

Thanks in advance.
Yes, clever can also have a meaning like "sly" or "cunning", which are more negative words.

"Jargon" are words that are very specific to a group/profession and hard for others to understand. "Technical" words are similar to jargon. "Verbose" is and adjective that means using more words than needed.

This is a very good site on similar words:
1. Smart and intelligent are very close, but smart can be negative like in "smart aleck", someone who is irritating because they show off their intelligence. Intelligent is almost always a positive word that suggests "understanding. Clever is used for unusual intelligence like someone who quickly finds a new answer to a problem. Someone who is clever learns quickly and can use their knowledge.

Try looking at the these words in news articles or other articles. To distinguish similar words, you need to see them in sentences and paragraphs. These sentences will help give context on how these words are used (like positive or negative). You can also check a thesaurus for similar words and check their definitions. Similar words will have similar definitions, but there may be special meanings that only one word has.

2. The sentence is correct, but remember you need some skills before you can "strengthen" them. Also, you can make the sentence shorter by saying "my programming skills" instead of "my skills on the topic of programming".

grammar mistakes
1. "Distinct" is an adjective and not a verb. "Distinguish" is the verb you should use.
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Thx, my friend, it was interesting. It is similar to Marianne's on youtube who say 'smart' is mainly used by the americans with neutral meaning, unlike The british people who use mainly 'clever' for the very very intelligent people as you said, too. She said even that 'clever' can be also negative a little bit for the american people because it has an effect on them e.g. they regard 'clever' person as a person who explain too lot when she/he answer even a relatively easy question. Nevertheless I haven't known the expression 'smart alec / aleck / arse' so far that you mentioned. I also will use 'distinguish' I don't know why I used 'distinct'. Thx for corrections Emotion: smile By the way, could you tell me about homepages where there is such a collection that collects words like these with detailed explanations? It is strange to me but I don't know such a homepage so far. I know a lot of useful english-english dictionary but in those the finding of these words is like a 'hunting' Emotion: big smile I would appreciate a well-sorted homepage in this field Emotion: smile I still wait some days until I will accept an answer maybe some other solutions will come, too.
To continue my previous comment I would appriciate sites which are similar to this one:

It is a collection but maybe there are other ones with more confusing words or other confusing words.

Thanks in advance
Sorry, I made a mistake in my previous comment. So I also very curious about that how can I say 'more words'. I mean I would like to write down something which is similar to 'more confusing words' but just similar because I don't want to make an enhancement of 'confusing' I just would like to refer to the improved cardinality of words. (I don't want to write : 'with more words which are confusing')

Thanks in advance
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