What's the difference between District and Region? or they're synonyms?
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In the British use of the words, a district is a part of a town or city.  A region is a much larger area referring to areas of a country or part of the world.
This is an excellent online dictionary 
which will give many examples.

The words are used in often used in administration eg.
Many Indian people live in the district of south-west London.  
There are many major hospitals in the North-East Region of the UK. Here the region is given a name so North-East is capitalised.
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A district is an administrative division.

A region is a geographical area or division having definable boundaries.Its also an administrative area. So yes , they are synonyms.
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heywoodcIn the British use of the words, a district is a part of a town or city.

However, it can also be used for an area of countryside, or an area including both towns and countryside. It is still usually smaller than a region.
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