How can I recognize which verb is ditransitive and which verb is monotransitive ?

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AnonymousThe sentence "I bought a cat for my son." can also be written as "I bought my son a cat." So, it is a ditransitive verb. -AK
No. I bought my son a cat is ditransitive - there are two objects, an indirect and a direct.
I bought a cat for my son is monotransitive. There is one (direct) object and one prepositional phrase.

They have the same meaning, but they are constructed differently.
in the sentence "I bought a cat for my son", the verb "bought" is monotransitive. the direct object is "a cat" and the phrase "for my son" is called an adverbial. in the sentence "I bought my son a cat", the verb is ditransitive because "my son" is the indirect object and "a cat" is the direct object
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Very good example for using :give;as a ditransitive verb,excellent.
bought is ditransitive as it takes two objects-cat and son.

example of ditransitive verbs

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anonymousexample of ditransitive verbs

See this:


Wow!! Hi Clive I find this explanations and examples quiet explicit and clear. I understood for the first time. Thanks.

Best wishes and God bless.

Here bought is a monotransitive verb
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What is the indirect object ?
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