I came across this baffling sentence when I played a game called "va11 halla".

The whole sentence goes like this:

The worst part about that is they KNOW half of our clicks come from them so they get all diva-like on my ass.
For your information, the speaker is the chief editor of a newspaper and "they" refer to columnists.

I don't understand what "get all diva-like on my ass" mean. It's like an idiom or slang but I can't find it anywhere in dictionaries or on the Internent.
Could you help me understand it? Thank you in advance.
This is the answer that you got on another site:
You're right, it's slang (made-up, not a common idiom) and not grammatically correct, so don't try too hard to include it into your vocabulary.
A diva is someone who is difficult to deal with and hard to please because they think they are better than other people and have a big ego. So when this person says 'diva-like' it just means acting like a diva. 'On my ass' is just a cruder way of saying 'on me' or 'towards me'
In short, this person made up a sentence that roughly means 'they were acting really difficult towards me'

My comments:
diva = a woman who feels superior to everyone.
diva-like = in the manner of a diva.

get on my ass = bother or pester someone incessantly to get what you want.

By the way, double-posting on different sites is frowned on here.
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Thank you very much. Is "get on my ass" a set phrase? Or it simply means "towards me"?
I wanted to ask more questions but I couldn't post a reply on that website. That's why I post it here.
zuotengdazuo Is "get on my ass" a set phrase?
No, it's rather vulgar slang. These expressions change all the time, as new slang combinations are invented.
Thank you. So you mean slangs always change, but set phrases doesn't. But if slangs change all the time, how can we know their exact meanings for sure? Like "get on my ass". How can you determine its meaning for sure?
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Impossible! It's slang. It cannot be made plural. Use slang expressions if you feel that you must use a plural.

zuotengdazuo. How can you determine its meaning for sure?
An educated guess from the clues in the context, and other similar phrases.
Also, there is an online slang dictionary. www.urbandictionary.com
Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you for your correction.
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Thank you. I knew that website. I've also found another site for online slang dictionary by myself.
But it's difficult to connect to it without VPN. It's the same with this site.