Number of completed services divides the totals to compute Ws and Wq.

I know there are two quantities: 1) number of completed services; 2) the totals

But I cannot tell which is the dividend and which is the divisor.

I don't think I've ever seen "divides" used transitively in math equation! Was this written by a native speaker? "The totals" is also odd - is there more than one total?

I would assume if there are 30 completed services and 90 is the total, you would divide 90 BY 30.

Put the number of completed services as the numerator and the total as the denominator.
That's swift. Thanks.
I did look up into dictionaries, but I could not find the use of transitive "divide" written in such way.
I will ask the poster on another forum to provide the information of the source.

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The verb "to divide" means to split something into parts.

The number (of completed services, eg., 14) divides (splits) the totals (eg., 280) to compute etc.


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Thanks, but it seems that you two did not have the same conclusion. Emotion: indifferent
Hmmm, a simple division process can be expressed in so many ways people often get confused. As I read it, GG and I reached the same conclusion: divide the totals by the services. Some people would say, divide the services into the totals. (means the same thing) It's sort of a pons assinorem.

Read the slash as "divided by."

GG and I both assigned a larger number to "totals" than to "services." divide the larger number by the smaller number. big / small It's an "improper fraction." (equals more than one)

Totals / services Read, "Totals divided by services"

What do you get when two divides four?? (Two splits four in half)
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Okay, okay, okay! A thousand pardons! You're right. I never bothered to read GG's last statement:
<< Put the number of completed services as the numerator and the total as the denominator. >>
Ugh. I reversed my terms. Totals divided by services is totals in the numerator and services in the denominators. I know what I meant, but I said the wrong thing.


3 services, 45 totals, I would assume 3 divides 45 into 15. I'd still never WRITE it that way. I'd say "Divide the total by the number of services."