Just wanted to know your opinions on the effect of divorce on children. Is it good or bad?
Or is it bad always? What point should the parents decide to divorce?
There may be times when Divorce is necessary, but what do you think those situations could be?
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I have a divorced colleague. Reason for his divorce was that he and his ex-wife argued all the time. Not good for them and not good for the children. The childeren from that marriage do visit him in the weekends. They are nice educated children. No problems at all. Not even at their school. So it can be a good thing a divorce.

At the other hand there are also adults who will make the childeren choose between them. Who do they like most. They also use the kids to tell them thinks about the other parent so they can use that story against this other parent.
Often both parents are using the kids for that so after a while these children don't know what to say anymore because they don't want to hurt the other one.
They can turn into problem children.
agree with you too molly Emotion: smile [Y]
divorce seem to be a good choose if they can't make a quiet-peacefull and beautifull
life together with your partner. speacially when they have already a child in it.
don't let them (children) listening to your conflict everyday in family. cause usually when it happen, one shout to another with "bad word" just to hurt other.Emotion: sad
that will be a very bad effect for their development.
for those who have adult child in them. it's make a very hard choice for their child
to choose wich one they want to go with, how can it effect to their parent nad off course themself
but truelly, divorce was last choice to make if you haven't anyway to choose.
and usually, children were the victim Emotion: crying
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Divorce surely affects the children mindset.When the parents engage in quarrels, children are affected to a larger extend.
On the other hand, what ever may be the reason for divorce, the parents should think of a very important matter - Whose life is important, is it of children or themselves? It is obvious that the life of their children is very very important for any parents.They have to solve whatever problem they have and lead a better life with their kids.
I share all these ideas, as my parents too often engage in quarrels affects me. I feel very depressed.But, what can I do, as i'am just their kid and i can't advise them.

So, please think of the life of children before going for divorce.

I wann say when I read the topic I remember many thing badly. I am one of the children, which divorce effect of them.

My parent divorced many times and then they come back together because us I mean because they have children. I think the reason of divorce is …….really I don’t know. However, I think the age and different culture is make big problems. You know if your mother still young and your father is very old, sure there will be big problem.

Divorce has bad effect in me, but also good effect. The bad is no one understands your feeling or what do you or even think you want something. In addition, no one listen to you because there is no time for you. All the time is to try to make problem.

The good affection is I feel more responsibility about marriage. I should choose my wife. The important thing is my wife and I should be in same level for example (age, education, culture).

My parents wait me to married and then they will divorce so I should never marry. Emotion: crying
Hi SilentWar,
I read your views and I agree with you.
I also think it is better to divorce and seperate for once than to vacillating between divorce and marriage. In your case your parents divorced and then united again and then the sequence went on.
I think this can confuse all the ones in the relation, most importantly child, who in most cases will become indecisive.

What say you?
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my symphty for you silentwar[A]
but because of that condition, don't everthink about never marry
cause who knows, in time you will find someone that really understand youEmotion: left hug
you see, ones never know about their life until they walk through it.
but the best thing to do, before marry
think really hard and clear enough about your step.
cause marry is a very big step, not just about you
but about unite two different family,culture,though,and heart Emotion: rolleyes
cause trully, mine's too.
don't know why they arguing all the time.
make me want to hide somewhere.
sometime i confuse, when one of them try to make me in their side
well that's make me think about choose the right one is hard enough
than choose hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm shoes Emotion: crying
but then who know?
Seriouly getting married is always an important step, but then why do people sometimes divorce and marry again? What about their children? Have you thought about that? Maybe then it's the children who quarrel, brothers and sisters quarrel don't they?. Lol. Why is it so complicated? Shoes keep quiet but they can kill your feet if you are not careful!
but you still can change it without any regreat.
it's betwen your shoes and yourself. not anyone else
if it's hard or cost too much, only you feel sorry about it.
when come to people, you must carefull about each felling.
cause, ones you hurt someones.
it's difficult to recover it.
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