Hello friends. I think most of us don't have a single idea about the meaning of the life and the end of it.

we live this life as there's no end for it , we must think further .

I guess, Some people think that the life goes on and on , as it never ends. Is that true !!

Well, But what about if I tell you there's an end for this lovely life ((WORLD)). don't feel upset coz there would be a place which is much more beautiful than this life (( WORLD)).

there would be of course two places after the end of this life ((WORLD)).

1- Heaven ((EDEN)) 2- Hell

are you agree with me ?

well, But which one do you think you are going to !! and why !!

Wish to hear your replying !! thanks[f]
I agree with you, I believe we will live on after death, either in heaven or in hell.

I hope I'm going to heaven, at least that's what I'm working towards, and you?

Best Wishes,

Why have you got to think about your death and the life after the death during you live?
I think you gotta profit your life and think about the end of the life when you'll be dead (as late as possible).
And about heaven and hell, I don't trust in God and not heaven or hell either.
So... I know I will die a day but I don't take an interest in the "after the death".
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Hello Laya&Mom, Sarah and BoudBoulMan.
I've never thought about this topic seriously, to tell the truth, but it strongly reminds me of a fairly famous play, "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder. I couldn't understand why I got moved by this quite simple play. Have you read this one?

From the last scene, a monolog of the stage manager:

 Most everybody's asleep in Grover's Corners. There are a few lights on: Shorty Hawkins, down at the depot, has just watched the Albany train go by. And at the livery stable somebody's setting up late and talking -- Yes, it's clearing up. There are the stars -- doing their old, old crisscross journeys in the sky. Scholars haven't settled the matter yet, but they seem to think there are no living beings up there. Just chalk ... or fire. Only this one is straining away, straining away all the time to make something of itself. The strain's so bad that every sixteen hours everybody lies down and gets a rest.
   [He winds his watch.]
 Hm ... Eleven o'clock in Grover's Corners -- You get a good rest, too. Good night.
hi Sarah, how are you !! Got your msg, I got you well.

I'm wishing to go to the heaven too ,, God willing. but at least we've to work towards that as you said.

Best regards

penpal_2000there would be of course two places after the end of this life ((WORLD)).1- Heaven ((EDEN)) 2- Hellare you agree with me ?
Unless your brain got damaged and becoming insane. In my religion, such people will stay on Earth. It said that whenever they look right, they will see heaven and laugh. But whenever they look left, they will see hell and cry.
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