Due to the exponential advancement of technology and the evolution of mankind, the world is heading towards a brighter future. But at the same time, the world has become a hectic place. While the prompt says that we should not expect politeness from one another, since the world today is hectic and crowded, I strongly disagree because of three compelling reasons.
To begin with, kindness should come from anyone, poor or rich, a child or an old, male or female, jobless or employed. It does not rely on the fact whether you are busy or not. Being kind does not hurt anyone but being rude to each other ruins the day of at least one person. Since everyone has their life full of chaos, being nice to them for a moment can brighten up their day and bring positivity to their life. For instance, there was a brief moment in my life when I had a lot of things going on such as work, education, health issues, family problems, etc. Because of this, I was extremely stressed out and frustrated. But then, my friend, who used to live miles away, came to visit me. She was so nice to me, asking about what she could do to help me. It was nice for me to know that a good person still exists in this world.
Next, I believe that the current generation is the role model for the future generation. Our behavior and lifestyle are the things we pass on to them. If we teach our children that when the world evolves and people become busy in their life, they should not care about others, they can behave however they want, then the future generation is doomed. If we portray the role of a person who is so into his/her life that he/she stops caring about the rest of the world in front of our children, they are going to adapt themselves to that role in their life too.
In conclusion, in spite of having our own troubles to deal with in our life, we should learn to be kind and compassionate towards each other. Therefore, I strongly feel that despite the situation in the world, we should learn to be polite and kind to one another.

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