In this day and age, it is undeniable that language plays an important role among people. And it is said that a foreign language should be learned by adolescents as soon as they start school. In my point of view, I do agree with this opinion. This essay will discuss in details the advantages and provide a full explanation.
To begin with, I believe there are two main points in acquiring a new language. The first reason is language is a way to communicate. Knowing more than one language enables you to make new friends from all walks of life; hence widening your relationships. Secondly, picking up a different language brings you plenty of opportunities, especially when you take it seriously. For example, IELTS is now popular among students in VN. In order to get that, you have to take an exam consisting of 4 skills in English: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Despite the fact that taking an IELTS exam cost much and needs a large amount of time to achieve a certain score you aimed for, it still attracts pupils as it could be the tickets to university without attending the entrance exam. Besides, if you have the IELTS certificate with a high score, a full scholarship for overseas language is at your hand.
In conclusion, acquiring a language except for your mother tongue do more harm than good. Therefore, youngsters should be encouraged to take up one.