do you think aliens have visited earth?
i'm very scared to even think about it.
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The newspapers say that there are a lot of illegal aliens in the USA.Emotion: smile

very funny, clive
but seriously do you think extra-terrestrials have visited earth?
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I'm extremely sceptical about that.

If they had visited, we would find inexplicable litter.

Aliens probably exist... but I dont believe in UFOs. So no aliens here, sorry. Apart in the US, as Clive said.
MrPedanticIf they had visited, we would find inexplicable litter.
Then I guess they've been in my room, because every time I try to straighten it up, I find "inexplicable" matter I don't know where it comes from.
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thank you very much for your funny comments.
they relaxed my nerves.
I belive that exist life out there, in other planets, but if they visit us, that could happen, who knows.

I think we are all kind of aliens. I think our ancestors may have come from out there...

But sometimes even some people around us behave like aliens. So, why not?
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