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I believe in God. I'm a very committed and serious Bible-believing Christian.

To RM: Just this question. I really believe that I am correct about my belief in God and the Bible. It bothers me that people disagree because it bothers me that they are living life in the wrong way, not according to God's laws and His way, but according to their own way, which ultimately will lead to their own peril. It bothers me for their sake, not for mine.

If you really believe that you are correct about your belief in God, doesn't it bother you that people who disagree with you are living in darkness without the Truth?
I do believe in God, although I also believe that it's not a matter of believing or not believing, He exists. Rather than saying that I believe, I think it would be more appropiate to say something as 'I recognize His existence'.
This is also independent of which religion I've chosen. Maybe 'God' is a confusing term, because there are thousands of beliefs around the world, and therefore there might be different interpretations of what the word 'God' refers to.

The definition of God is probably infinite. He's often referred as the first motor (that moves others but it isnt moved by a third), perfect or pure act (which means He has all the possible perfections), static (change is defined as the process of going from potence to act, and since He's pure act, he doesn't have any potences, therefore he can't change), one (he's one because he isn't material, therefore it can't be divided into parts), creator (he created all the matter in the universe... creating something requires giving existence to something which doesn't have it; to create something is not assembling it with pre-existing matter, that's what we humans do), the alpha and the omega (that means the beggining and the end, the beggining because he created you, and the end because the purpose of the entire creation is to reach Him, to be with Him).
It's a lot easier for me to explain this things in SpanishEmotion: wink it's not easy for me to explain this subject because in fact I don't know too much about it, and I can't find the proper words. This was "realistic philosophy", it isn't influenced by any propositions based on the supernatural.
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So science hit a stumbling block where they couldn't explain what there is before matter... U know all those big bang stuffs about how matters originally start from a singularity and then boom! things evolves to what it is today... But before that Big Bang, before that singularity, there was nothing... that nothing is hard for me to accept..

And so some say it was God who create the whole thing... then who created God? and then why God is the one? why not some other entity or power or whatever?

I'm not a Christian... and i don't mean to offend anyone... i went to church and i realise how good it is for someone to believe in God.. u know all the good things that u're taught in church... u're just a different person... different in a good way... but all those things taught in church boils down to 1 fact that is tt God exists, and he create all things... which is something i can't accept...
Dear friends,

I don't believe in God. The topic "Does God exists?" has remained a sensitive and hot topic for a long time. I don't care whether the people around me believe in God or not.

I'm an Indian. I know pretty well how religion has affected our community and how politicians are making better use of it.

Let make matters simple :
Those who believe in God - have faith in him;
Those who don't - carry on with your work.

Dear all of you,
I'd like to say that I was Christians, and I was praticant for many years. Nevertheless, because one of my friend had a fatal accident, I had doubt on God. I had decided to not going anymore in a Church to pray someone who seemed TO ME unfair.

Few month later, I realised that I needed to believe in someone or something. I want to mean that it is not only about God or not, it is only to me to believe in something, to think that whatever happen you can turn to someone or this thing, just to hope.

according to me, this is it. I believe in something, some of you will call it God, some of you won't. My religion , the new one is different from Christianism, but I'm really happy with it. Whatever you can call him, there's only hope and the needed to believe in something

Loads of love, Sharann
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First of all, yes, I do. However, if you were looking for atheists, it might be best to change the title.
I believe people create their own gods.
Do you mean human beings developed an innate craving to believe and this has been honed over time in some Darwinian way. So that societies that organised themselves in some religious way were more successful?
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Can I say (or could I say) man created God not God created man. Would mankind be better or should I say men and women?
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