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"I agree with you : There has got to be a creator to create the Superpower - God."

God, by definition, is the uncreated Creator. So you are really saying, "There has got to be a creator for something uncreated to exist." I think problem with that logic is obvious, especially since the popular alternatives to belief in God (most notably the Big Bang) fail to offer any reasonable First Cause to replace Him.

"Whether God exists or not, Politicians are making a better use of it. We have many instances to cite. "

Please don't bother to cite them. I suppose you would also like us to note the impressive human-rights record of atheists such as Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.
Have you never noticed that politicians will use any means at their disposal to achieve their ends? If a society has a majority who believe in God, bad men will play this to their advantage. Unfortunately for them, any acknowlegement of God introduces annoying moral obstacles between them and their ambitions.

Those arguments against God are tired and useless. Let them die.

You may have inferred by now that my answer to the original question is Yes.
Hi J Anthony,

I respect your faith, and guess you are lucky to have it. You are also correct in saying that monsters exist within all societies, and within all creeds, and that some people can use religion to their own advantage.

I think your argument that "Those arguments against God are tired and useless. Let them die." is also interesting, and simply raises another issue in the debate - should we be able to openly and freely discuss our opinons on whether or not God exists?

Happily, the posters to this thread seem to feel we can, and that's great. Only by discussing and listening to everybody's point of view can we learn to understand and respect each other.

If, as you believe, God exists, then it is my understanding that he created humans with free will, and gave them the ability to examine and question the world around them, including their own creation.

So surely, if god exists, then the ability of humans to debate his existance is proof that they have free will and can use the natural talents he imbued within them.
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Good points you made; in fact, I cannot expect you or anyone to listen to or respect my point of view if I refuse to do the same for you. I think there are valid questions on all sides of this issue, but I am sensitive to dismissive statements which appear to parrot a favorite put-down without stopping to consider whether it is valid.

The words "Let them die" referred specifically to the two arguments I was countering. Furthermore, my statements represent my honest opinions and my sincere advice, but if others disagree with that, I have neither the right nor the desire to stifle them. Long live the free exchange of thought!
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I believe in God deeply...
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and i know that God loves us all!!!
Peace be with u all!!