What do you think about Christianity?

There are so many Christians here in America...

Who is Atheist?
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of course Yes!
if you don't believe in God! (Anybody who don't believe in God)
what do think about this world and its creator.
this matter is completly different with religious problem, in the other hand it's a horse in a differerent color.
I do believe in God! I don't think that the universe and its even smaller micro-organism is here outcoming from nothing...besides, I think that faith is the only thing that the human being has to lean on when we're troubled...there are many questions that atheist make for instance...''if there's a good God, why do we suffer?''...stuff like that, well, no-one knows why we're here and living what we're living, but all I know is that life would be a proof and that death would be beginning of life...now, when I always debate about this matter, I come to this question...what about these people who have died for a moment and they tell to see a tunnel and the light out there? And they also see their dead parents, and also they have the chance to know what their parents are talking out of the rooms where this patients are being treated?
Well, there ya go...
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Dear Ed.

I am a christian and believe very deeply in God. Today, I was at a Christian gathering and was told the Govenor Schwartzneggar signed a bill making it illegal for preachers to preach against Homosexuality . Is this true? I do hope this is not happening. Thanks Carol M/
Hi! I dont know anything about God, I think our world is world of and for people, first of all we should think about today's life and only than about life in hell or paradise. Many defenders of the church and religion speak loudly about God, place of the man in this world, unfortunately they don't have faith in their hearts - this is bad.
I dont know if I believe in god, I believe in reincarnation, and heaven, but I dont know if I believe in the blible, but I believe there could be a god
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How do you, people, define the word 'God'? I've heard so many opinions...
Yes I do!! And I don't understand how that could possibly offend someone. I don't care if they don't believe in God, so why should they care if I do? America is getting so thin skinned. If you really believe you are correct about something, why should it bother you if someone disagrees? I just don't undestand.

Who was this post directed at? No one has said they are offended or bothered by disagreement?
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