We laughed at each others stories.

Should there be an apostrophe in the word others and, if so, should it be before or after the s.

Thank you.

P. S. There are many people telling stories and laughing; not just two.
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Yes, you need the apostrophe: "We laughed at each others' stories"
Feebs11Yes, you need the apostrophe: "We laughed at each others' stories"
Hi Feebs

Shouldn't it be each other's ?
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Yes - I was too quick and didn't read my typing. Thank you.
It is not correct to place the apostrophe after the s, according to this link:


And I agree, 'each other' refer to the singular of each individual.
The apostrophe goes before the s, because "each" and "other" are singular.
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Sorry, but it must be "each other's." The apostrophe comes after the s only when the word is plural, and you would never say "each others" (even if there are a lot of people).
Each is singular, therefore, each other's stories
If there are three or more persons, then some very strict teachers suggest:

We laughed at one another's stories.
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