There are many Chinese festivals such as (the?) Chinese New Year, (the?) Mid-Autumn Festival, (the?) Dragon Boat Festival and (the?) Chung Yeung Festival.

Do we need the article "the" before the festivals? Thanks for helping, teachers! :"(
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Yes, I believe that you would use the word "the" in all of these cases.
Thank you soooo much , teacher Trellis! ^o^
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It was my pleasure. Emotion: surprise)
I think the main reason is these expressions of Chinese festival all consist of common English words.

Am I right?
I think "the" is required if form is "the ___ festival."

That said, I think that "Chinese New Year" does not take the "the". After all, named holidays like New Year's Eve, Christmas, and Easter do not take a "the".
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I have been giving more thought to your question over the past few days.
My reply may have not been totally accurate.

In the USA or UK one would say, "I am celebrating Christmas",
and not, "I am celebrating the Christmas".

If you added the word "holiday", which is like "festival",
then it would be "I am celebrating the Christmas holiday".

So, as I told you in my first reply, in all the cases where you
had the word "festival", you would keep the word "the".

The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Chung Yeung Festival.

In the case of Chinese New Year, it is possible that I was wrong.

I think that it may be correct to say, "I am celebrating Chinese New Year with my family this year."

I also think that if you said, "I am celebrating the Chinese New Year with my family this year",
that it would not be terribly wrong.

The religious holiday called Festival that is celebrated annually
in Brazil does not need the word "the" before it.

"We had a good time at Festival last year" Emotion: surprise)
Hello Deep Blue,

I had been thinking that my reply here, three days ago, was not entirely correct.
Your post nudged me into typing a more complete reply.

I made the reply to the original questioner so they will get it in their email.
You can read it at the web page.

Thank you for pulling my attention back to this unresolved question.
Not at all.

Emotion: smile
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