I believe in it. I have experieced it myself, sometimes.
Interestingly enough, yes, I do.

I most definintly believe in esp. I have both preminitions, and I can see the auras of those around me. I know that sounds weird, but it is conditioned. I have a deep seated fear and distrust of men, therefore their auras are hidden from me unless I trust them (so I see about three male auras, while the rest are nothing to me).

I never get a premonition while I'm awake. I have to be sleeping. It's creepy. Which leads me to wonder about destiny. Yes, premonitions can tell you what's going to happen if you act a certian way, but if you do something that is unseen in the vision, then it changes the outcome, though the events may be similar. So what's that say about destiny?
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Yeah I have preminitions in my sleep. Some of them are very scary. The scary thing is that they come true. How are your preminitions Kriss?
They're just about the future. Like one time, I had a premonition about fighting with my brother, another time I had one about a shirt I was wearing... just random stuff. But yuo can easily change what happens in them by telling those involved your haveing a preminition (if you havn't in your dream) or saying something/doing something you didn't do in your vision. It's kinda odd, and I've gotten over the sense of scary, it's more like boring routine now, though I enjoy it.
Kriss I don't think you had many horrible preminitions.
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