Do you believe in E.S.P(Extrasensory Perception)?

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I believe in it. I have experieced it myself, sometimes.
Interestingly enough, yes, I do.

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I most definintly believe in esp. I have both preminitions, and I can see the auras of those around me. I know that sounds weird, but it is conditioned. I have a deep seated fear and distrust of men, therefore their auras are hidden from me unless I trust them (so I see about three male auras, while the rest are nothing to me).

I never get a premonition while I'm awake. I have to be sleeping. It's creepy. Which leads me to wonder about destiny. Yes, premonitions can tell you what's going to happen if you act a certian way, but if you do something that is unseen in the vision, then it changes the outcome, though the events may be similar. So what's that say about destiny?
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Yeah I have preminitions in my sleep. Some of them are very scary. The scary thing is that they come true. How are your preminitions Kriss?
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They're just about the future. Like one time, I had a premonition about fighting with my brother, another time I had one about a shirt I was wearing... just random stuff. But yuo can easily change what happens in them by telling those involved your haveing a preminition (if you havn't in your dream) or saying something/doing something you didn't do in your vision. It's kinda odd, and I've gotten over the sense of scary, it's more like boring routine now, though I enjoy it.
Kriss I don't think you had many horrible preminitions.
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