What are the differences in meaning and answers to each of these questions below?

1. Do you ever play a lottery?

2. Have you ever played a lottery?

I'm so confused with the tense used in the first sentence. As far as I know, native speakers of English use "present perfect tense" to ask someone about events that have happend in their life. Isnt' it so?

We only have one lottery in the UK so we would say 'the lottery' instead of 'a lottery'. Again, play is not really the verb we would use either, try 'do' or 'enter'.

The two sentences have very different meanings. 'Do you ever play the lottery?' this is enquiring about the present and you want to know if they enter, perhaps every week, perhaps only now and then, but they do take part at times. Maybe they are planning to buy a ticket tomorrow?

'Have you ever played the lottery?'. This is asking if historically they have ever bought a ticket. If they only bought one single entry 5 years ago and have no intention of ever buying another one, they would still answer yes.
Thanks a lot, nona the brit. I'm glad I got the meaning of the sentences.

From what I understood, "Do you ever enter the lottery?" and "Do you often enter the lottery?" sound simmilar. Am I right?

Thanks in advance.. ^^