Is it "to do the grocery" or "to do the groceries"?

Thank you.


What I hear in Canada is this.

eg do the shopping

eg go to the store

eg go to Loblaw's


teal limeIs it "to do the grocery" or "to do the groceries"?

I've never heard either one of those. You'd do better to use Clive's suggestions.


[answered at the request of the OP]

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Don't you ever "go grocery shopping" or "do the grocery shopping"?

Thank you.

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teal lime"go grocery shopping"


teal lime"do the grocery shopping"

Yes, I've heard this. I don't think I say it, though.

I think most of the time, speaking informally, I just say, "I've got to get some groceries", or I let context supply the idea of 'groceries' and 'supermarket' and just say "I've got to stop on my way home and get something to eat for dinner tonight".