In Australia Halloween is not widely celebrated, nor is it widely celebrated in Japan.
Is it celebrated in your country?
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In New Zealand it's not really celebrated except in some pubs as a way to get more clients in.
In Chile, it's not celebrated though some 'upper-class' circles celebrate it in order to appear more 'American' (YUK! I hate false appearances).

At the institute we celebrate it. Not so much for the Halloween thing, but more as an excuse to get the students together for a party and get them practising their languages with each other. We do have a custome party which ends up a great laugh but no-one really pays attention to the Halloween side of things. Having fun is more important!

By the way, the original of Halloween is not from United States but started around 2000 years ago by the celts and tribes of England and Ireland.
In Portugal we have a sort of Halloween. Children carve eyes and mouths on cardboard boxes and put a candle inside. Then they go from door to door singing a typical rhyme, asking for money. That's all. Not very funny...
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Isn't there a possibility of the cardboard box catching fire?
What is the rhyme that they sing? Is it long?
Is this tradition on the same night as Halloween?
What happens if they don't get any money?
there's always that possibility, but they cut off the top of the box. The rhyme is not very long, but it's a bit difficult to translate, but it's something like this:

biscuits biscuits, for me and you,
for the dead who are buried by the beautiful cross
knock knock knock

hey lady who's inside sitting on a stool,
could you come out and give us a penny?

(It doesn't make much sense in English, but anyway... it doesn't make much sense in portuguese either Emotion: big smile )

If they don't get any money they sing something like:
"this house smells like garlic, some scarecrow must live here."


"this house smells like grease, dead people live here."

Gosh, aren't these real dumb lines?? Emotion: big smile

if they get money they sing:
"this house smells like wine, an angel lives here"
"this house smells like bread, good people live here"

This happens on the 31st October, at night, but some kids start doing it two or three days earlier (smart ones Emotion: wink )
have you just listened to that Portuguese song?
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sorry, maj, I didn't understand... what do you mean?
Oh.. I LOVE that song!

Thank you for translating it for us. Emotion: smile
It was a bit difficult to translate it because the fun of the song in portuguese lies on the rhyme of the verses. It loses a lot in english.

However, you could all learn a little portuguese: here go 4 lines of the song:

"Bolinhós e bolinhós,
para mim e para vós,
para dar aos finados
que estão mortos e enterrados
à porta da bela cruz
truz truz truz

senhora que está lá dentro, sentada num banquinho
é favor de vir cá fora e dar-nos um tostãozinho."Emotion: smile
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