Is it true that if I am talking about a general thing e.g my interest, my favorite, but not a specified someone or something, I do not need to put an article or make it plural even if it's a countable noun?

e.g. I like helicopter or I like helicopters or I like a helicopter?

kenny1999e.g. I like helicopter

That's ungrammatical, so forget about it.

kenny1999 I like helicopters

That's the correct choice.

kenny1999I like a helicopter

Even though that one is grammatical, it does not convey the idea that you mean helicopters in general. It refers to one helicopter.

kenny1999talking about a general thing ... but not a specified someone or something

After "like".

Countable: plural (no article)

I like helicopters. / I like dogs. / I like people. / I like potatoes.

Non-Countable: singular (no article)

I like sugar. / I like wine. / I like chicken. / I like gravy.