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Today is the 1st of September.This is the day when all the children in our country go to school.
Some years ago in Beslan 28 peaceful Muslim terrorists took abot 700 children hostages and held them for three days. (Most of the hostages were also Muslins) The weather was hot but they didn't gave them water. The children had to drink their urine... Then crying "Allakh akbar!" they peacefully raped some girls, and finally hundreds of children were killed... And it was done in the name of Allakh! A very attractive religion indeed!
So, when someone begins to speak about its attractiveness - I always remember this day...
U did not read my last post or misunderstood it although i apologized and said sorry ( the hardest word a man can utter) and i really didn't say anything wrong. Also i requested to lock the thread or delete it.
So, when someone begins to speak about its attractiveness - I always remember this day...
OK don't cease remember that day ... are u satisfied now. One day we will all know the truth ( at least on DOOMSDAY ).

(No offence meant, of course and no hostages taken - we are not like that)
U forget to append this quotation to your last post.

I am a calm and peaceful person.
It is a fact obvious like the sun.

but it makes me a bit crazy... I begin to lose my temper!!! (sorry)
Now U do it ...Congratulations !
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Dew, it's really bad to read this from u ! u should know that these deed aren't Islamic at all ! please don't mix the bad deed which been done in the name of Allah with the reality of the religion, i really surprised because i always looking to u as good catching man and now u simply fleering the whole religion !

it's not fair, at all !
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