Could you tell me if I use the phrase 'do justice' correctly?

My explanation doesn't do justice to what I experienced.

If the above is correct, please tell me if the below is correct and means what the above.

My explanation doesn't give the picture of what I experienced.

thank you
My explanation is inadequate to describe what I experienced.
Yogi - your first sentence sounds fine to me. The second sentence is understandable but sounds a little awkward - maybe "My explanation doesn't give a true picture of what I experienced" would sound a little better.
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thank you abbie.

Your senetnce is exactly what I meant.

However I still don't where I was wrong.
Are both my sentences wrong, or the second one (with 'give the picture') is wrong, or maybe the second one has different meaning?

Could you, please , explain it to me?

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thank you khoff
So, the words 'give' and 'picture' don't seem to be the best for the context.