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ok you quoted not all drivers can drive on this road(love! ?) and a few reach to their destination of love ...right? what about the pedestrians they will of course take some time to reach to their destination (love!) . i suppose u understood !
Lol, some people are more patient than others. Some people take more time than others to reach their destination.Emotion: snail
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precisely (prî-sìs´lê) adverb
1. In a precise manner.
2. Used as an intensive: Inferior equipment was precisely the reason some hikers refused to continue the climb.

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eeeeks sorry unwanted spelling mistakes!
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It's ok. I know you want to learn, so I showed you the correct spelling. Emotion: surprise)

Your use of "precisely" was fine in that post.
Love is a thing that is difficult to give it a defination. It depends on what you think. As for me, love is comprehensive,including the parents', friends', and strangers'. Love makes me feel warm and happy, and gives a glimp of hope in desperation. It is a thing worth you to cherish the whole life, a thing that you should take great care of . Love may be the most common word to describe the feelings between girls and boys, as people use it to express ideas. Some hold that marriage is the bomb of love, while other insist that love leads to marriage. Different persons have different ideas. As far as I know, marriage is really not quite the same as you imagined before marriage. Indeed, marriage is one of the most important things in one's life and also the most precious thing one should treasure. Life is a long road and the one you married is the one who can accompany you most of your days. The days after marriage takes up a big proportion of the rest of your life. What a long time! Maybe you feel bored to face a woman all day after the freshing day have gone away. You have to bear her such and such shortcomings, but do you know life is just so? Trifles make up the life, and you should not be so careless as to ignore them. Statistics have shown that of all the divorced family, about 60~70% are due to the neglect of the husband or wife to his or her partner. So, pay more attention to the one you love and never take it for granted that you can have her or him around you forever! Love needs your care and patience.
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But most importantly love needs the two of you growing together.
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