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is there true love exist in this world?s there someone who really take you as you are?
Great, maj!

I also think that seeking for a 'complete', 'formed' person as your second half is a dead end way.
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hi from turkey
im nur
which part of turkey?
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Love is the particular feeling among people.Because there are some love, many people can help each other. The world can be living.
And being there for one another in moments of despair.
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Hi cagdas. Hi all.
I like your question, cagdas, very much.
I'd modify it slightly as:

Do you think meaning of love consists in the details?

Could we?
Dear Cagdas,

It is in the detail. It is the item on the telephone bill that betrays, no?

Kind regards, Emotion: smile

Is love in the details or not?


bibi says,
certainly, it is in the details, it is in the rose that he presents you, it is that he knows what is your shoe size, it is that you do not have to tell him, what perfume to buy!!

baba says,
certainly, it is in detail, because detail is de only good part of de man!!


Ciao a tutti, belli e brutti!!
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when you are modest enough, to the utmost extent, you may feel: meaning of love is in the fact that his/her exists.
Quite simple! It's merely an ideal state, though!
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