hi there,
please I would like you to share your thoughts about this subject...is it in the details or not?I think that ,it is....I personally think that love is like a rose it is nice it smells beautiful but it can still hurt your hands if you dont know how to handle it...sometimes i dont realize these simple details thats why i have no girl friend anymore.....I think in my friendship i didnot know how to handle it was simple detail but but i could not realize...what do you think? cagdas
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caqdas, that's an interesting point of view... I also think that details are very important. Small things that sometimes we don't pay much attention to in our busy daily lives. A compliment, a nice word, a sincere hug.
yeah, little details are of great importance in any relationship.
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what is your opinion maj.. on the subject love?
You mean in general or are you talking about little details?
love of your life mean to you?
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Love is a state of complete madness. Not many drivers are successful along that road. Very few reach the end.
hmm.. but some do get at some point in their life .its not that love is found to few ...and what bout rest of them?
Gosh, i I am afraid I don't understand what you are saying. Could you rephrase it, please?
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