Hello everybody

It's very hot outside. I and my wife are walking in the street and we are boiling.
My wife said:
Do you know what is needed right now?
I said : A can of cold soda.
(My wife wanted to know what can refresh us in this hot weather)
Is this sentence idiomatic in English?

Thank you.
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It's a natural sentence. It's not idiomatic because the individual words are used with their ordinary meaning. Kind regards, Michael
Thank you. I'm not a native speaker. What would a native speaker say in this situation and context?
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Like I said, your example is natural so I would expect to hear native speakers use it. Natural is not the same as idiomatic.

You could also say : "I could really do with a cool drink."
Posted and answered here:
Yes, I know but I looked for an idiom. I didn't receive my answer in that forum. So I decided to ask in this forum. The answer in this forum is exactly what I needed. I mean COULD REALLY DO WITH. Thank you all.
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I didn't mean to be rude. I just wanted to hear different opinions . If this really upset you, I apologize. Please forgive me.
I promise this will never happen again.
It's OK with me to ask the same question in two forums. If it's OK with the moderators here, perhaps you could mention that you've done this in questions.
Sorry. Next time , I will tell you the reason and reference. Hope dear moderators forgive me . As you see, I just became a member of these forums yesterday. I'm a new member and I'm not used to the rules. If this problem really upset the members and the moderators, I apologize and I promise this will never happen again.
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