Q: What Platforms Does Linux Support?

A: Linux runs on almost every general-purpose computer made in the last 10 years. It runs on systems as small as PDAs (for example, the Sharp Zaurus) and on systems as large as IBM mainframes.

There are Linux distributions specifically for mobile and handheld platforms. Information on the Linux distribution for the Compaq iPAQ is at http://www.handhelds.org .

I found the above in a website.

I think it should be 'What platforms do Linux support? The word 'platforms' is plural. You can't possibly say 'platforms does'.

Your thoughts, please.
Yes, Maverick is right.

Linux supports [what platforms]?
appply (wh-movememt)+(do-support)
[What platforms] does Linux support?

Quite right.
To use a plural, the subject would have to be "what platforms", and we would have:
"What platforms support Linux?"
(I don't know anything about linux or platforms, I don't which supports which!)
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Doesn't 'support' here refer to 'Lunux'? And linux is singular.
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