In the final scene of the last episode of Ghost whiperer Justin's next of kin say: "How could youcut us off
like that? We're your family! We would have helped you, we would have been there for you.
Then Justin says: "If I could do it over, if I could do it again."
Then Melinda says: "If he coud do it over again, he would".
Does that mean that if he could rewind time
back he woud still do the same thing?
If he could do it over again, he would. He would what??? Although "He'd do the same thing again" is a common answer, there's no reason in the script you've presented us to assume that's what Melinda means. Justin's stammering (why the period?) indicates he wishes he could do the right thing. Melinda finishes his sentence for him. The other answer is usually derogatory and would be counter to the flow of the conversation. If that's what she means, she'll have to come out and say it.

That still leaves us with two options. She means:

(a) he would do the right thing ( i.e., not cut them off.)

(b) Of course he can't do it over again, but if he could do it over again, he would do it over again (and probably do the right thing.)

We'd have to know more about the characters and their interrelationships to make a final decision - at least, I would.
If he the ability to go back and do it a different way, he would take it.
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Grammar GeekIf he the ability to go back and do it a different way, he would take it.
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