I know that there are people out there who have a passion for something that might be thought of as special/unusual/different? I'd love to hear from you all.
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The following are my passions:
Chocolate - I am the chocolate king of the world
learning - about everything and anything. There is so much to discover!
teaching - I love to teach and to help people. I love to see people improve themselves.
languages - I only speak two languages though I know a small amount of many more.
History - I love the Middle Ages, Ancient Rome and Greece.
Fencing - I have only been doing it for a couple of years but the adrenalin flows...
Chocolate - yes, again, it soooo yummy!

I have more passions though this will do for now.
I was thinking and I don't know if I have any passion.
I like a lot of things but ..passion...maybe it's a big word, to me means something one can't control, something which comes from our uncouscious, it can be good (learning)or it can be bad (fear)
Anyway, I love music, learning and being immersed in different cultures by studying, by reading and , if possible, by travelling. And I like a lot to find simple good people.
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I like most things. I get way too enthusiastic about... well, pretty much everything. I am, generally, an over-the-top sort of person, in that I get very wrapped up in what I am doing. I get very excited and loud when I talk, gesture wildly, etc., even when discussing the most everyday sort of stuff. So I guess you could say I'm passionate about most things. Either that, or you could say that I am not passionate about anything, since excitement is sort of my default personality trait.
I have a BIG passion for moonlit nights at high tide.

When I was little, just a cruiser, I couldn't resist the urge to cut loose and frollick off over the swell to look for fun, adventure, and sea haggs to taunt.

Oh how I loved darting in and out of the most wondeful and exotic waterways in all of the seven seas.

Alas, now I am too big for that kind of fun. I just can't fit into those little canals anymore. These days on moonlit nights, I just have to be content to blow my horn, all alone and tied up dockside.

But don't cry for me, sea haggs - I have many many happy memories.
Billie, do you know which seas the seven seas refer to?
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Ahoy there Pianne!

Yes. The seven seas as I know them are;

1) The really warm one with oodles of cool little yachts
2) The little smelly one that is hard to steam through
3) The one with all the pirates (most named 'Pete', but there are some 'Roger's too)
4) The one I will never return to because I caught barnacles there
5) The one that is really hard to get to, and I always get lost
6) The other one with pirates (mostly named 'Bucky' or 'Peggles')
7) Lastly, the most dangerous one. I have to be careful in this one or I might sail right over the edge!

Are you a mariner or mariness too?
Lol, Billie!
No no, no mariness, no piratess ans no mermaidess (alas for the latter)
Emotion: smile
I hope you don't mind me asking, but what kind of ...ess are you?

Bye for now. I have to go get my plimsole painted and my decks swabbed.

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