when to say 'It was a pleasure to have met you' or 'It was a pleasure meeting you' or do we say 'It was a pleasure to have met with you'?
They are all correct, though the last has a different meaning. To meet someone is to know the person for the first time. To meet with someone is to have a meeting or get together for some reason. The first two of your choices mean the same thing.
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is it correct to say "it is a pleasure to have met you yesterday"?

I never hear anyone say that.

The standard expression is It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.

Clive is right. We can say, "It was a pleasure to have met you," but "yesterday" complicates the matter. The present perfect (to have met) is not logical with "yesterday."

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It was pleasure to meet you
anonymous It was pleasure to meet you

No sentence is correct if it doesn't end with a punctuation mark.

That's a little snippy, but true.

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I can be a lot snippier.

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