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No, they didn't. They sailed from point A to point ... to Plymouth, Devon ... and then to the other place.)

They went to the House of Lords? Damn! Now that explains a whole heap of stuff.

ITYM Stratford on Avon:

When they first came out, that's what they were called, but I never saw the word in print so I didn't know for sure how it was spelled. But a year or two ago I purchased another pair at Wal-Mart and the brand name that happened to be in stock was Zorri or Zorris, note the double 'r'. (In previous years, and this year, I got Laguna brand instead. They wear out every year or so, but cost only $2 so I don't care about that.)
By the way, "thong" properly refers to only the strap that holds them on, not the whole footpiece. And a "flip flop" is a type of electronic switch used in computers, whereby it can be flipped to one state or flopped back to the other state, so I personally don't like overloading that word to also mean a kind of shoe which most definitely does not exhibit an analagous behaviour (turning alternate ways with alternating steps taken on a single shoe, the way a yo-yo or other object at end of a string would alternate sides if you jerk it up and let it fall back down repeatedly, sides of a barrier if you jerk it completely off the ground, lying on one side or another face-down/up if you merely jerk it up enough to pass through vertical standing position).
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ITYM Stratford on Avon: http://www.stratford-upon-avon.co.uk/soaotherinframe.htm

FWIW, there's a rather pleasant watercolour there too, at http://www.stratford-upon-avon.co.uk /

The waiter would deduct the next drinks then.

To go into the room for mixed couples, you entered by the door with thesign "Ladies and Escorts Only". Cheers, Sage

Yes I forgot all about that. Thanks. What were the names of the Liquors Stores, run by the province of Ontario I believe (the only place where you could buy alcohol) ? Thomas F. Howald

LCBO, Liquor Control Board of Ontario. You had to fill in an order form with your name and address and the guy would disappear into the back for the goodies. As I recall, it was the same at the beer store, aka the Brewers' Retail (and was there an apostrophe in it, somewhere?).

Does that still happen? (I live in La belle province now, so we don't got dese problaim.)
Cheers, Sage