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Hey Woodward. I've just decided that I don't like you very much. You're giving our generation a bad reputation. I was born in 1985 and:

I knew that Billy Joel wrote the original Uptown Girl,

Bananarama is something I'd rather forget,

I remember using an old record player,

John Travolta used to rock my world with his smooth dance moves and chiseled body,

The original Charlie's Angels were much better looking than the ones of today,

The A Team was my favourite show, Night Rider kinda sucked, and I've seen every Famous Five episode in existence,

I wish I had a black and white TV and I'm not even going to bother to answer the part about the remote control because that's just cold!

Even though they are convenient, I yearn for the days when mobile phones were a thing of the future.

You're just jealous cos you're getting old. Have a nice day.
You're a very special person; but you obviously don't know that WW also owns the rights to everyone born after 1984 - he bought that at a garage sale early 1980 (If you hadn't been -5 years old you'd have seen the reports on CNN's first live broadcast day).

Now you've made him angry; and you won't like him (even more) when he's angry.

(count the refs eh!)
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LOL that was funny Guest. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
(Hey, I'm only 32 and I feel younger than most - Age is only a number)

I forgot about the retro thing were the 'old days' (70's & 80's) come back in fashion every now and then.

Lol Hitch, do you think I'm going to turn green or something? ha ha ha
Hey, does anyone else remember sitting in their high-chair listening to their Dad complain that the Beatles were a bunch of Commies?
Or playing "Invent the Wheel" with Methusela?

Great thread WW. What DOES the future hold for the toddlers of today?

Fast forward 20 years ......
"Mum, is it really true that sex, alcohol and breathing in public without a Disinfectomask used to be legal?
Oh, did you hear .... Up-Planet Female Embryo has just gone uranium!
Hey Woodward just came back to apologise for being rude and mean. I just exploded and then felt guilty about it afterwards. Very sorry. Well glad I put a smile on your face.
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No probs guest!

Hey Mike, How did you find out about the Disinfectomask? I haven't even made its official public release yet!

Do any of you have any scars from your childhood?
I've got quite a few from some of the games we used to play (usually involving thick pieces of wood, balls, wheels or homemade swords).
Sometimes it surprises me when I ask students if they have any scars and they say NO!
What type of childhood is that?
I would say "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", but this is reserved for those of the more gentle gender.

Seriously, I have a beauty on my left upper leg. I dived into some shallow water and ripped my leg open on a submerged rock. Just below that I have an even better one due to sandwiching my knee between a 750 Yamaha and a stone wall at some unGodly speed (the time I spent in hospital after that was a blast!!!!! ... but it would take pages to tell). Periodically pimples appear there and small particles of sandstone pop out.
Somewhere on my head I have another caused by falling, head first, from a tree into a brick. Some say this accident explains my sometimes odd behaviour. Maybe when I am old/er and bald it will be visible.

Go on Woody old man .... climb up on that rickety old ladder and show us ... I dare ya!!! I'll hold the ladder still for ya ..... I promise Emotion: smile Emotion: smile
wow chris what an introductionEmotion: embarrassed Thanks for the welcome hitchhikerEmotion: wink
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Hi Caroline,

A belated welcome from Japan (I was stuck up a ladder).

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