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Hi Mike! Nice to have you back down here with us Emotion: stick out tongue Tell us about what your childhood in Japan was like. I do not know much about your country unfortunately but I have a friend who is absolutely fascinated by everything which has to do with Japanese culture, and I cannot help feeling interested myself in view of her enthusiasm!

Ps - There is one fact I read which I never verified: Is it true that, years ago, an eclipse was thought to be caused by a dragon attempting to swallow the sun, and that to scare the dragon away people would shout & stamp their feet as soon as they saw the sun began to be obscured?
Hi again Caroline.

Hmmm ... Although the cheeky side of me would dearly love to relate the outrageous, dangerous, thrilling, exotic, and often amazingly heroic exploits of a childhood in Japan, I'm afraid that I cannot honestly do that, for I spent mine in the colonies. The place in which I misspent my youth was New South Wales, Australia.

I don't know of shouting and stomping being used to ward off dragons, but it wouldn't surprise me at all. I will ask my students about it. There is still a lot of stomping and shouting going on these days, but it is usually done at public festivals, and there are many of those to be enjoyed. It is also becoming popular at Soccer and Baseball games!

Hey Caroline ... do you trust me to hold the ladder for you?

Welcome again Emotion: wink
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when I was a child I have no chocolate to eat ,

when I was a child I haven't know what did the PESI mean?

when I was a child I didn't have a doll, what a pity!

As a child ,in today's world is so exciting and lucky.
Did you have a roof over your head?
Any one taking care of you?
Did you go to school?
No chocolate to eat and no doll, I don't pity you at all.
Grow up!!!
What type of jobs do you do as a kid?

Did anyone have a job delivering newspapers on their bike when they were a kid?
I did that for about a year and half when I was about 11/12. Every afternoon after school through rain hail and shine (and even a cyclone once) I would load up the bike and do the rounds. I met some interesting people and became good friends with a number of 'older' people (they were probably only about 30 or so). And to think that sometimes I would go into some of the people's houses without batting an eyelid when they offered me in for a a drink or some biscuits. Never worried about would could have/might happen.

It's interesting to think that back then the Herald would trust someone so young to do their work for them. Do they still do that nowadays?
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I remember the A-Team and Famous Five...I watched every episode and read every book..and I remember every detail. I used to build tree-houses with my friend in her garden and camp with my cousins in our field. I knew John Travolta was a god of dance and I'd rather watch films in a black and white screen..they make much more sense and the story is actually simpler. I live in a small village in Malta..a long way from EVERYWHERE but i still use the bus..my parents don't give me lifts to anywhere..and that's because I don't even ask..I can take myself anywhere I want I don't need someone to walke me or anything. I never miss the candy floss at the village feast and thank god i'm not overwieght... I do have a Play Station though and Cable Tv but I'd rather read a book..I do have internet at home and also a mobile phone...but I guess now i'm too busy to even use it. I don't think that people used to go to paceville and get stabbed to deathe..I don't think they used to go into clubs and get robbed..Life is more dangerous now and we do need mobile phones. Well..I miss the good old days and the good old music..I'd rather listen to The monkees and the beatles..Frank Sinatra etc than stupid boy bands and idiotic stuff and guess what..I'm only 18..so plz don't generalise Emotion: stick out tongue and by the way.. I love what you have written!
I like that bit about sitting in the high chair with your dad calling the beatles commies- he he. Trading places was on last night. Quality. Randolf and Mortimer. I think it's one of the all-time classic christmas films, followed, maybe, by die hard.
Heh heh, I was born in 1982, one year before the beginning of the Stupid AgesEmotion: wink and I feel a lot closer to the initial statements, although some corrections should be made in order to make them compatible with me:

1. First of all, I didn't have a videogame console, but since I was three year old I've played with home computers (Sinclair, Commodore 64, MSX, and PCs).
2. My dad carried me to school during the first seven years. Then I've moved by myself.
3. I liked 'We Are the World' and I remember my dad telling me that something important happened in Germany (1990)Emotion: smile
4. I remember listening to old cassettes with the picture of a black version of Michael Jackson.
5. You can watch the old series of Charlie's Angels and Mission Impossible even today, right now.
6. I CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT COMPUTERSEmotion: smileEmotion: smile
7. I ***'*** need a mobile phone, although all my friends have got one (and I believe that's a waste of technology). Here, mobile phones weren't something common until the last years of the previous millenium.
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If you remember the Sinclair and Com 64, do you remember having to wait about a couple of minutes for the cassette to load the computer programme. Not like the 'new' floppy disks that came out. And the Green screens too.
My friend had a Vic 20 and then a Com 64. I remember the major programming that went on (in Basic) to end up with some type of Casino/Lottery game. The satisfaction of it working.
LOL. It's interesting how M Jackson has changed so much. I also remember when Madonna was 'innocent'.
I had a cellphone ages ago though I never used it much at all. It's only recently that I got another one (more or less given to me) and again I have it turned off for weeks on end. I'm not one to be on the phone much at all.
Does anyone remember watching classic cartoons like Scooby Doo and Atom Ant? (I can't remember the rest for now)
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