Do you remember your first experience as a teacher? How was it? Good? Bad? Horrible?
One teacher told me that the first time he gave a class, he was so nervous that he forgot the alphabet! Has something like this ever happened to you?
I talked for so long it was like a lecture more than a lesson. Most experienced teachers suggest that primarily one should be motivating the students to do all the work. Give them the necessary information and let them actively participate.
I'm still a student, but I remember my two-week teaching practice. It was the first time ever that I taught a classroom full of ten-year olds. I was so nervous the day before. I fell asleep in the afternoon and woke up thinking that I just slept for 26 hours and missed everything.

However, the lesson itself went so much better than I had expected. The children were disciplined - probably curious to see what the "new teacher" will be like - and they answered my questions. They were raising hands all the time and I almost couldn't believe it.

I only had some minor problems with the cassette at the beginning when we did a listening exercise - because my hands were shaking Emotion: smile , but the nervousness disappeared by itself since I had so much to do and so many things to think about. I only noticed this when half of the lesson went by already and it made me feel more confident.

There was also some extra time left at the end - their regular teacher who was observing me said that I should have taken more time to do the activities - so I decided to ask the children to borrow me their things since they were learning how to name things like pens, pencils, rulers, etc. They really enjoyed giving me their things and we were doing that until the bell rang.
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Lana, my first experience as a teacher was very similar to yours. I felt very nervous the day before, but this nervousness disappeared the moment I was in the classroom. Nevertheless, I think my students were more nervous than I was, because I was going to be their teacher for the rest of the year.
I remember best the first year rather than the first class. I made some mistakes but I also learnt from them. Now I know what I MUSTN'T doEmotion: wink

David, I've also learnt that motivation is very important to get your students working. If there isn't any motivation for, at least, some of them they won't do their exercises properly or learn anything useful. I mostly do this by means of competition or contests. And they love it! It's a good way of finishing a class.
Hey David, it was really interesting to learn your first experience. It was just the same way happen to me while I was teaching for the first time in the school.
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