Do you remember The Sesame Street? Big Bird, Cookie Monster,Betty Lou, Sully and Biff,Baby Bear ,Bert and Ernie,ELMOOO!!!...

I remember The Sesame Street, i was watching it when i was 3 Emotion: smile It was my favourite programme...I was never lazy to wake up early to watch it... I loved them and my favourite character was Big Bird.When i was so little, i had never realized if Big Bird male or female Emotion: big smile .. Emotion: crying I really miss them...

Are you fan of them too? I would be happy if you share it with me Emotion: smile

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I was a fan too! I really liked Elmo!
Journey to Ernie is my favorite part of Sesame Street, Mervin.Emotion: smile
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For me, it was the cookie monster! And Mr. Snuffleupagus (however you spell it) - the elephant that most people couldn't see.
Ya, the cookie monster cracked me up!
yees, there are some new episodes up, aren't? I think so - in our TV there can be seen new episodes -- I never watched one

I loved Elmo Emotion: big smile he was perfect, haha, but Big Bird was my nightmare. I don't know, he looked like the bird I never wanted to have and it scared me when I've seen a little yellow bird...
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Yes, I loved Sesame Street when I was a kid. My favorite characters were Big Bird, Bert (I was the only person I know to prefer Bert to Ernie), and the Count.
I really liked how the producers put it together! [Y] It was very funny!
Yup! Yup! Yup! I certainly remember!
I like Elmo, Cookie Monster and the one living in the trash can, whats his name?
Its not my favourite programme but I still tune in to it routinely when I was a kid.
It is the most successful children programme ever...

How about other programmes?
For me still remember after sesame street, there are Ultraman and Masked Rider from Japan and Power Rangers from the US. My younger sister loved Barney the purple dinosaur when she's still in primary school, then there was Teletubbies.
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