It is bad for listening English, but I can not understand the movie completely if there is no subtitle for my English is poor. Please give me some advice.
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I can watch a film without subtitle even my English is bad too.You can always understand a story from the context.
Not only do i understand the story but enjoy the details of the movie as well.
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I often need a subtitle when I watch a movie that have many detail and talkative character . Emotion: smile
Most of movies I watched were with a subtitle. yesterday I watched one movie without subtitle and I could understand the story but not in detail.

Lonelyfox, just keep trying to understand movies without subtitle Emotion: smile
Thank you! I will take your advice.
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Yes I need a subtitle, but I try not to be too dependant on it. Normally I'd choose an English subtitle if I can.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The subtitle helps me to learn the language but they are a drawback, too. Back then, as I started learning English, I wasn't able to read the English subtitle and I watched the movies with German subtitles, then I turned to English subtitles and at the moment I prefer without subtitles. But English subtitles are fine, too. Otherwise I have to chase the words in my dic. I definetely would recommend English subtitles, the impact to the learning is enormous.
Maybe we can understand a story without a subtitle . But I think that watching movies with subtitles is helpful to learn English.
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