Do the English sentences quoted below sound grammartically fine? Does one or some of them sound better than others if at all?

lt's pretty much the same with "sentences" as well. Yes, you think in "sentences," if not in full sentences all the time. Thought, ideas, and theories are all expressed in English sentences in literature used in English-speaking countries as a matter of fact. When every sentence you read in books and articles is written in English language, you will naturally learn to imitate the very thought process recorded in them as "sentences", and think as well as write in that language.

A2 Do you think in complete sentences? When it comes to ideas that are expressed in words, I think in complete sentences a little more than half the time, as if I’m writing an argument. The rest are sentence fragments.

When we think, electrical impulses follow these trails of neurons. How do we feel when we have thoughts? Well, we know we are having the thoughts! We also seem to think about our thoughts in much the same way we think out loud when we speak. Do we think in sentences? Do we think using correct grammar? I don't think we spell out our words when we think, but it does seem like we use sentences. So when we think about thinking and study the logic of our thoughts we are studying our language.

Please write your opinions in English, and I can see how good your English is. Why don't you write in English? Show me your awesome English skills.

I just understood how bad your English was. Very poor and terrible. You should learn English grammer more. No one would understand your English. Seriously.
Please write [it] in Japanese, and I will translate it into English.

Please retort in English and let's see how good your command of English is, for you are the one who requested it in the first place.

Somebody writing THIS has some audacity to comemnt on someone else's English? Give me a break. I have no need to prove my English prowess to anybody, not in the least to someone whose idea of "思考" is "夕食何食べたい." If you don't understand what I wrote above because of your utter lack of education or what not, it's your problem and not mine.


Typo: grammartically -> grammatically.