Hi everybody,

I have a question do you trust beauty salon centers?

I heard once that there are some infectious diseases can be spread through the beauty centers for women and even the barber for men
Do you think so? Do you agree that we e have to choose the cleanest one?

Did you heard once about infection in these environments??

Really I'd like to search more and more and it seems that your forum is very good in theses topic by covering most of the healthy issues

My regards,

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It seems to me that one should always use the cleanest and safest option for everything.
yeah, you are totally right Abbie.

But, you know bacteria and fungel can live and then spread through any kit, brush, comb, shaver and they have to clean every thing..so, even the cleanest one, honestly, I don't trust them

anyways, let's here from others, shall we.!

Note: English is not my native language (in act, it's my 2nd lang.),
So I hope my writing understandable!