I have some confusion on usage of Do and Does. Can anyone give me a breif explanation on when to use Do and when to use Does?

Also what's correct in following...would it be correct to use Do or Does in the following context:

Do you parents know,..

Does your parents know..

Much thanks..

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what is correct?

does our teacher understand?
do our teacher understand?
or Is our teacher understanding?
what about the word "both" ??
both love and hatred does not discriminate.
both love and hatred do not discriminate.

does "both" make it a singular, or are they still plural??
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I know this is quite late to be responding to this request for help; however, since I found my way here while considering whether I was using "do" and "does" correctly in an example of a sort I did not see offered in response, I would like to add my example which might be helpful to someone else. I think this is a slightly more complicated case, and so it might be more likely to pose problems for others, as it did for me until I mentally diagramed it:

Do children demonstrate more confidence…? [The subject is children, a plural noun, so the verb is "do."]

Does children's hand-eye coordination improve…? [The subject is a collective it, a singular noun, "children's hand-eye coordination," and the verb is "does".]

So for example, consider if the example with "parents" above was actually, "Does your parents' gardener know about rose bushes?" The subject would be your parents' gardener, a singular noun, and "does" would be correct.

Similarly, "Does your parent's gardener know…" but, "Do your parent's friends know…" [Parent is singular in both cases, (here in the possessive), complicating matters, but it is not the subject of either sentence. If you insert a name in the possessive form, (for example, "Angela's"), into the sentence in place of "your parent's" it is easier to hear the difference between the singular and plural subjects (gardener vs. friends) which makes determining the right conjugation of do/does much easier.]

I'm glad if this helps someone!
This was very, very helpful. Thank you


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The subject is the singular word 'price', so use the singular form of the verb, ie does.
The adjective " both " does not make it singular or plural. When you use " and " between two words, It adds them together, making it a plural subject, however; If you use " or " between two words, it does not add them together, making it a singular subject.

Love and hatred: plural subject
Love or hatred: singular subject

Correct statement: Both love and hatred do not discriminate.
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The topic of this thread is "do and does". Your post is not related.

Please start a new thread.

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