I have some confusion on usage of Do and Does. Can anyone give me a breif explanation on when to use Do and when to use Does?

Also what's correct in following...would it be correct to use Do or Does in the following context:

Do you parents know,..

Does your parents know..

Much thanks..

Yes. To help clarify:

I do
you do
he, she, it does

we do
you all do
they do

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Use does when it's a matter of only one person or thing.

Does he know? Does your sister know? Does the boss know? Does that car cost a lot of money?

Use do when it's a matter of more than one person or thing.

Do they know? Do your parents know? Do the other members of the group know? Do those cars cost a lot of money?

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Great answer and examples. Thanks!
you use do if it is plural and for first person like I,

you use does if it is singular like - It,

in the phrase do your parents know? parents here have s, it is plural, so you will use do.

Does your parent know? parent doesnt have s and it is singular, so you will use does.

But in this phrase DO is PREFERABLE or much acceptable.
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Use "do" when talking about more than one of something. Use "does" when talking about just one of something. For example, "Does Mom go shopping?" versus "Do Mom and Dad go shopping?"
This is correct except you would use "DO" with the subjects "I" and "You" which are singular.
Use does in the third person singular.... he she or it does
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" One does not compare Nutella " which one is the subject and the rest of it are???.....
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