This is an excerpt from Alexz Johnson's "Temporary Insanity":

What just happened?
Did you kiss me?
Cause that's a place we've never been until now

And I don't know how it's gonna be after this
Do we pretend these feelings don't exist at all
Or do we fall? Fall in love?

My confusion shows whenever you get so close
I stumble, I stutter, forget what to say
I'm nervous, I wonder why I'm acting this way

You made a moved (Made a move?) and changed your mind
Too much to lose, you've crossed the line between friends
And something more
MadhulkOr do we fall? Fall in love?
Presumably, though it could at the same time suggest a fall from virtue. Not a standard idiom; probably chosen as much as anything because it rhymes with "all".
MadhulkYou made a moved (Made a move?)
Ungrammatical and presumably a typo for "move".
Thanks, Mr Wordy![Y]