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I believe there 'could' be a god... but who knows? no-one really knows.

What I refuse is 'religion', which 'seems' to be horrible manmade hierarchial systems. If there is a higher order, it is not some human in a funny hat/robe/whatever.

And I refuse live a life based on:

a 'book full of quotes' or;
a 'book full of SELECTED third-party stories/perceptions of what actually happened'

you get the picture...

All views are personal, and I respect that....religion is just not for me.

But eventually we will see I suppose Emotion: smile
There is really no argument or need for discussion to come to the conclusion that the answer is no.

Millions of people have lived and live fruitful and meaningful lives without the "(ab)use" of religion.

That being said, it is possible that some people might find good (ab)use in religion just as some people might need , Prozac, Viagra, a walking stick or AA meetings.
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Dear friend,

We as a human can't denied that there is Great power govern the harmony of not only the earth, But also the whole planet!, and behind this Great power there must be 'GREAT GOT'!!!.

and his power and ability could be obviously for example "appeared on the creature and it's feature as well as OURS!"

So if we look to ourselves 'our five senses and the whole body that we have! Whose makes it works in harmony?

Let’s take the hearts can we control the way it pumps? Or the number it beats? Since we come out to this world it stars pumping without stop until we die!.

Other example whose teach you how to create letters, words and sound to come out as SPEECH!

WE just BREATH OUT through our MOUTH nothing else!!!

With no doubt there is "GREAT POWER" can do so, And for SURE none of us have it!!!

SO behind great power comes great responsibity and only great one can take it and this one deserves to be a GREAT GOD.

And IF we talk about RELIGION that followed by BOOKS, we will find the answers on the things that match our desire!!! and when someone ask us is it OK? we reply by the Book said SO!

that mean we like to live without red lines or boundaries, and we are seeking for satisfy our PLEASURE by anyway, it doesn't matter how, where or when!!!

For us Religion is the key of guiding, discipline and happiness.

  1. IT teaches us the meaning of brotherhood by how to deal with our brothers and sisters.
  2. IT teaches us how to respect each other as well as other peoples whose not believe in our Religion.
  3. IT gave us two ways ... The GOOD one and the BAD one ... So we are FREE to chose.
  4. Moreover IT teaches us how to organize the way we live: like WHAT to eat, drink, ware ...etc, and HOW?
because we are not like animals what in its minds is hunt to eat and look for female to... you know! and THIS is not how we live! We are supplied by ,,, MINDS to think and HEARTS to feel ,,,

Also we believe in after life there is HEAVEN, So how could we be worthy to ENTER it without hard working in this life and as we know HEAVEN is only for the GOOD peoples!!!

For Sure someone could set these all together are worthy to be 'a GREAT GOT' and he must be live with us and to communicate with other he should makes a guide or instructions to tell other how to use what they got and how to come out with advantages? and the best way is BOOKS and it's better to be 'ORIGINAL' One.

Dear friend,

I'm Sure limited MINDS is the reason!. because if someone have a limited mind/thinking, he/she will not get the point. OK, example:

why students from school all the way up to University are not good at Math, PHYSICS or even CHEMISTRY classes?

why they can't get excellent effort at it like other subjects? the answer is:

"because they are not able to understand beyond the explanation of how or why it SOLVED and DONE"

most student said that they are not stand those classes or even like it!!! ask this question to yourself? what's the answer? if we have the option of NOT select it we will not even think about it???

So if we could NOT understand these basics of sciences how could we understand advanced one!!!

For Sure our limited mind are the reason.

Moreover it's true that without evidence we can't believe on what other said, and even with evidence it wouldn't be functional without convincing. and remember CONVINCE is one thing and DENIDE is other thing.

So it's not about how GOD looks like or could we see him or not, it's about admitted by GOD existence and what's he capable to DO and it's appear on ourselfs and on the whole planet. ,,, JUST you MEDITATE ,,,

We have three things clear on the SKY which are SUN, MOON and STARS! and everybody can see it! we can set our eyes and take a long long sight to the MOON and STARS, but we can't take more than a few seconds to see the SUN why? even with black glasses we can't increase the time! could we do anything to make us take a look at it all with equal time? the answer is NO.

So if we can't adjust this little thing which is SIGHT how about the brains/MINDS!!! and as we know it's one of the most complicated in the whole HUMAN body!

Also we know that the whole creature have brains/MINDS with the same shape and maybe size, why can't it thing like us! because if it have it, we will be it's feed.

Furthermore when someone sick and doctors did their best to heal him by using anything! whom this sickone's parents, wife or children "call/PRAY/SPEAK" to heal him to get back to his daily live?

They ask the only ONE who can heal him!!! whose is he and how?

The ONE is GOD who could have the ability to cure and heal this sickone and how by one reason which is get this sickone's body respond to the cure.

ONCE again GOD is existed and we can't live without his help because GOD knows the DISTINEY.

Science is a process of human-mind. Without mind, you cannot do sciences. How did people develop intelligence? I'm a science reader, reading evolution etc, but mostly physics. I'm a muslim as well. If a religion doesn't contradict with science, why would you leave it? It's not the right time to discuss religion. We have to keep reading and doing sciences together.
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when it comes to religion,i think it's a sensitive topics all the time ,actually, i m living without god,that's means i m atheist,but i respect anyone who have the religion,because this is their culture,we have to respect about it.even though many phenomenons can not get explains with current science,i still don't believe have the god in the world,just think it's natural,not made with god,but many of my friend don't like me,they are insisting believe all thing are made with god,the humans,the animals ,all thing of the world.
I think we must be careful to not equate religion with God. They are not the same thing. lolol Actually, very often religion gives God a bad name! lolol

When people try to dictate or even define what is good or bad for other people, they run the risk (knowingly or unknowingly) of enhancing a mechanism which might deprive other people of their freedom to think and make choices of their own accord. Taken to its full extreme, this would be totalitarianism - something most people would agree is a terrible thing.

Live and let live.
Firstly, i don't believe that there is one superior God and secondly i don't find it wrong if people are Atheist. The word God is too big to fit into one religion. God has as many defination as many languages and culture that we all have.
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I assume the original post was asking "Do we all really need religion." I think the answer is no because some people clearly do not require (or want) religion to live good lives.

I would agree some people do need religion to guide their lives in more or less a good direction, and that is OK too.

My observation is that living a good life is more important. And tolerance of the beliefs of others is vital. "Live and let live" as was stated above by MinJ.

Living a bad life with or without religion is not good. Living a good life with or without religion is good. So religion is optional for our lives.
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