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You wouldn't be a military man, would you?
@ canadian45 I fully accept that this topic is controversial to you, and some others, but it is not controversial to some including me. Some people are passionate about what they think are right and wrong, others are more circumspect and believe there are many solutions and no "best" or "worst" solution.

I did not say or mean to imply that you are hot under the collar about anything. I used the chocolate moon as an attempt at humour. It was a silly example to illustrate that things are not always controversial or serious.
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Religion does have its benefits as calming ones mind, solving people's nervous for afterlife and directing someone's day to day behaviors. And it works very well. I think it's pleasure for someone who is belong to a certain religion. What i concern is the system works too well sometimes, so well that i cannot distinguish who serves who in a religous context. Maybe it is quite acceptable for one to devote his or her everything to the religion, even their lives.
But, if i could, religions are easily apt to take charge of believers' mentality totally, especially those who put their entire trust on their religions because of lacking in materiality or mental power. Religion does not need you to think for yourself, which sometimes could be agonizing, it only needs your submissiveness and releases the burden of thinking from your mind. And since all religions are quite accessable to anybody, that leads to an efficient way to gather people from all walks of life at almost no cost for they just offer you some ideologies. So religions, not necessary though, can be a way of raising a huge number of people and take charge of their minds. However, discrepancies are always inevitable not only because someones' minds are stubborn or hard to manipulate but also there could be various religions. What if, hypothetically speaking, the different coteries behind various religions cannot hit a deal? Jihads and Crusades could occur. Wars could be created in the name of holy purposes at cost of countless lives but only benefit to those countable so called elites.