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Do women make passes at men with glasses??


bibi says,
no, it is better to take off your glasses first!!

baba says,
yes, it is better if he has a bottle too!!


Ciao a tutti, belli e brutti!
Maybe they do.
I support men wearing glasses for some eye illness.
But those suckers wearing glasses just to seem more attractive to girls - don`t they look like morons?
I do suppose they do!

See you later!
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I disagree with you Chaoss. I think that if someone wears a pair of specs as an accessory there's nothing wrong with it. A nice pair of specs can look good on a man, or a woman. Do you think girls who put clips in their hair even though there's no stray hair to hold back look like morons? Probably not.
I don't think specs make people look more intelligent though, they just look like they've got bad eyesight, but with the right pair, they can look pretty cool too.
You're right, Guest, there's nothing wrong with it!
When I was a child, I used to wear the rims of ex-sunglasses, but I don't remember why now.
hi everyoneEmotion: smile it is sylvie!! i do not like boys with glasses, it is not good to kiss!! Emotion: sad but if it is sunglasses it is nice. Emotion: smile

sylvie b
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And moreover you can see yourself in them! Emotion: smile
Those persons who wear cheap sunglasses, which don`t protect from sunlight, and even hurt their eyes, look especially ridiculous and like morons for me. Hurt your eyes forever just for a reflected smile of partner in it! Or some image?
I speak negativly also `bout wearing simple specs by sound men. Just for some 'image' or 'intelegence'. Look at them! They try to make some sort of highly-intellectual person.
And they are not indeed. They cheat themselves.
On the other hand well constructed and qualitative sunglasses do really protect from sunlight and they rule your image! I like the fashion! (h)
Take good care of your eyes, Chaoss... They may come in handy.
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You take care of clear sighted yourself!Emotion: smile
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