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O Gosh! We are losing Pianne! She is in unconsciousness! Doctor! Send for doctor!
Somebody call 911!Emotion: wink
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I'm here, I'm here!
BTW, your doctor is quite charming! Thanks!
Hi pieanne! Is the doctor wearing glasses? Emotion: wink
Oh yes! Gorgeous ones!
Such a good feeling to take them off...
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I'm suddenly reminded of the scene in Some Like it Hot, where Marilyn Monroe takes off Tony Curtis's glasses, and says of her prospective millionaire:

"I want mine to wear glasses...Men who wear glasses are so much more gentle, and sweet, and helpless. Haven't you ever noticed it?..They get those weak eyes from reading - you know, those long tiny little columns in the Wall Street Journal."

Well MrP, what do you make of Marilyn's dialogue? Emotion: smile
Does anybody feel the same when a man takes off his wig? Emotion: tongue tied
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awww wistiti! Bald men look good as they are! However they must have a well toned physique in order to make that bald head look great.
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